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This is my first post so please forgive me if it's a bit long-winded or boring - but I am a ' real' encounter that happened to me the last letter on Saturday. Now, after my first day back at work after the new year turned out to be a yutuvu long shot, so Friday night just out of the office to the yutuvu bar and sang a number of beers with some mates are. Saturday finally took me out of my hole and got into the shower to begin with, I feel human. After I had showered and blew in the process of brushing the door, I rushed out of the bathroom and answer ( with a towel around my waist). When I opened the door, I saw a lady there with delivery a few packets in their hands. Unfortunately, at this time still had a mouth full of toothpaste and a toothbrush hanging out of my gob - beckoned me in the hall, which they did pass. I'm in my 20s and was at least 20 years older than me and she was not a supermodel, but Irealized more than ample chest and felt a slight stirring in the loins to the bathroom to rinse his mouth back and then re-entered the room to sign the packages and to apologize and all that. When I went to get into the clipboard of the coffee table, dropped his towel around his waist to the floor and I was stunned and confused. The woman immediately opened my eyes to my crotch and said, 'hmm, I bet the girls like you - it looks so big and juicy. ' I was still speechless, and more or less fixed in place, but at the same time, I found the whole situation incredibly exciting, and it quickly became apparent through my tool of reinforcement. common sense had just returned to me and I reach for my towel, but before my hand, which once had his hand felt my cock and start stroking slowly and firmly - as I said before, there was a supermodel but what kind of person, this is to look a gift horse in the mouth. So just allow them tohave on the situation and sat down on the trip. It was yutuvu not long before I was fully erect, then rested her head on my cock and started licking the head and then go all the way up and down the shaft all the power yutuvu that the time of satisfaction and enthusiasm and keep your eyes on me - at that time I was smiling on them, like the cat disappeared. After a few minutes of licking my cock up so she looked down and balls in her warm mouth and began to jerk his cock with your hand. I f * cking sky! Finally, she took my penis in her mouth and took almost all looked into his eyes while she was coming and he scratches with his hands down my back and chest rest alternately pinching my nipples and adjust (something I yutuvu love it). Well, that was great and the time is getting closer was about to explode, so I grabbed her long blonde hair and starting placeAIA increase my pace and was almost at the point of no return when they have something I had never experienced before - began a long and continuous humming vibrations through my now yutuvu raging cock incredible. It was time to stop and told him that she was cumming she kept sucking and hum, with all my sperm down and swallow the lot. Once finished, he kissed me long, wet, sloppy and courageous to fully explore her mouth with his tongue. You need a good two hours left in which to explore its lush breasts shaved pussy wine, and to the ass too tight, but in reality would be a different story - if it comes with several packages that I ask # 61 514 his name. (as would be the first time I told one of my adventures, I appreciate your comments. And all women who act in this or any other game similar to you, yutuvu please!)
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